Who: Play House. We’re a small interior design firm based out of Austin, TX, with offices in San Diego and Brooklyn as well.
What: The Good Design Great People Project – Full scale interior design services, including a complete and comprehensive design plan that we will execute for you over a 6 month period of time.
When: Now - Oh Em Gee... It's so on.

Where: Your place. Let’s have a look at what you’re workin with. We bet we can make it awesome-er, ish... we can make it super awesome okay?!
Why: Because great people deserve good design.

How: Give us a call. We’ll explain everything.
How much: $3,750.00 - this breaks down to an embarrassingly low hourly rate of $15.63. But go ahead and take advantage of us. We want you to.

To learn more about our Good Design Great People project and why we’re doing it, click the link below.

$3750?!  Where did we get that number you ask?  Well, we calculated what we thought, by experience of course, might be the fewest amount of hours that we are likely to spend on each project - roughly an average of 10 hours per week (but you're not limited by any maximum number of hours that can be worked - sky's the limit).  Then we calculated what we thought would be the lowest hourly rate we could possibly work for.  Still too high.  So, we went lower... and lower... until we hit a number that we knew you'd be happy with. 

How do we know what you'll be happy with??  Well see, we knew that if we could get the design/labor fee down to an amount that could be recouped over the course of the project by utilizing our stealthy shopping capabilities (bargain hunting), savvy know-how (Ikea sourcing), and trade discounts (you didn't think we'd keep that from you?) you'd be delighted with us for making the effort to save you at least as much money as you've invested.  That way everyone comes out on top.  Well, you come out on top.  We come out exhausted - but happy to see people everywhere loving and living in well thought out spaces.  

Why are we doing this???  You know how sometimes something great can come from something you hate? Well, that’s what’s happened here.  We hate that people who are interesting, creative, and down right smart can’t make their home reflect their personalities simply because they don’t have the time or resources to do so. We hate that the people who are most daring when it comes to design are often the young(ish) types who are just starting out in their careers, settling into their first real adult spaces (no roommates – woo hoo!), and can’t afford to spend millions of dollars on either their home or a designer. And we hate that people get beat up and abused by the design process until they give up and just buy everything from one store so that their space ends up looking like a really cool showroom that no one lives in, which is very uncool of course. So we’ve decided to recycle our hate into something positive. How green of us. We’re using that energy to do something good – YAY for you!

That's it in a nutshell.  After all, great people deserve good design.  We’re just here to make sure they have access to it.

Please help us spread the word.  Tell your friends, partners, ex-lovers, bosses, people you care about who have really awful taste and desperately need help (shhh... we won't tell them that you feel that way), generally cool people, and anyone else you feel may want to take advantage of us this opportunity.

Feel free to call us.  Email us.  Send us a letter by post.  We never get those anymore.  In any case, we look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you soon.